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September 2, 2021,  WASHINGTON, DC – The Board of Asian American Action Fund (AAAFund) California chapter voted unanimously to endorse Governor Gavin Newsom and a rejection of the recall effort.

AAPIs constitute 17% of California residents and have the opportunity to decide the fate of the most populous and most productive state in America. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, the leadership in California is more crucial than ever. The nation cannot afford this extreme right-wing distraction from the real issues at hand. 

Over the last year, AAPIs in California have faced many traumas including the spike in anti-Asian violence and hate crimes. The pandemic has ravaged the state’s frontline workers and most vulnerable communities. In response, Gov. Newsom signed the Asian Pacific Islander Equity budget that supports non-carceral alternatives to combat hate crimes and appointed Rob Bonta to serve as the state’s first Filipino American Attorney General.

“The pandemic and all of its cascading impacts demands a strong guiding hand. AAAFund-California and the National Board urges the AAPI community to reject the baseless recall effort,” said Gautam Dutta, Chair of the California Chapter. “Governor Newsom is a progressive and an ally of our community. We need his steady leadership to steer us through one of the darkest periods in recent memory. Vote no on the recall effort and keep Governor Gavin Newsom.”

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