AAAFund Condemns New Faces PAC

The board of the Asian American Action Fund takes issue with the New Faces PAC that burns an image of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) and tries to draw a ludicrous and disingenous comparison between AOC and the Khmer Rouge. 

Failed Congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng called herself a “common-sense Republican” when she ran last cycle, and cited the need to overcome partisan differences to push legislation over the finish line (Fresno Bee) Why is she now promoting destructive, deliberately inflammatory imagery to advance her personal promotion? (Most of the PAC contributors also contributed to her unsuccessful campaign.)

It sure seems like Heng and New Faces PAC are simply trying to incite violence against AOC, a Latinx and Jewish American Congresswoman. This is now the only page left in the Republican Party’s playbook – advancing the politics of destruction and hate, instead of debating the actual issues.