AAAFund Decries Ending of Filipino WWII Veterans’ Parole Program

Program allowed family members of WWII veterans to be reunited with loved ones

The board of the Asian American Action Fund decries the decision by the Trump Administration and Acting USCIS Commissioner Ken Cuccinelli to end two categorical parole programs that allowed family members to be reunited with loved ones – Filipino WWII Veterans Parole (FWVP) and Haitian Family Reunification Parole (HFRP) programs. 

For elderly Filipino veterans who fought under and for the United States during World War II, the elimination of this program is particularly painful as it is their last chance to be reunited with loved ones who they would not otherwise get the chance to see. Parole is not a visa, it is a chance for their family members to be admitted to the United States, and to spend time with, and take care of aging veterans. 

AAAFund Endorsements co-chair Irene Natividad stated, “FWVP started in 2016, and has been part of the effort to gain visibility and equity for Filipino WWII veterans, whose service has been largely ignored by the US government although they fought bravely and on the front lines. Therefore it is particularly cruel to end this program as our manongs are losing hope of being with their family before they pass.”


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