AAAFund Denounces SCOTUS Decisions on Affirmative Action and LGBTQ Rights


Contact: Ally Mark, Executive Director | | 650-681-7525

Washington, D.C., June 30th, 2023 – The AAAFund (Asian American Action Fund) strongly condemns the recent decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) regarding Affirmative Action and LGBTQ rights. These rulings threaten the principles of equality, justice, and inclusion that are essential to a fair and thriving society.

These decisions by SCOTUS to limit the consideration of race in college admissions and uphold discriminatory practices under the guise of religious freedom are both regressive steps that undermine the hard-fought progress towards justice and inclusion for underrepresented communities. The sum total of these decisions will only continue to divide us as Americans. 

“The use of Asian Americans as a wedge against other underrepresented communities in the affirmative action case only perpetuates a harmful model of division and overlooks the systemic discrimination faced by many Asian American subgroups.  We stand for the dignity of LGBTQ individuals and will continue to advocate for equity for all communities marginalized by discrimination.” – Albert Shen, National Chair AAAFund.

We urge policymakers to take immediate action to protect the rights of underrepresented communities and to ensure that affirmative action and anti-discrimination policies are not dismantled. 


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