AAAFund’s Top Posts of 2019

As we hurtle headlong into 2020, let’s take a moment to reflect back on last year’s work and growth. This work is not easy, but that’s what makes it so important. So join us for a little retrospective, because there’s no place we’d rather be than right on the frontlines of the progressive movement.

#1. What’s a PAC? Why is it Important to Me?
Here we break down PACs 101: what are they, how they operate, and why you (yes, you!) should donate to them. Demystifying this important political institution is the first step to getting more folks involved in AAPI politics.

#2. Climate Change and Our Health
Our AAAFund intern Ally Mark gives a sobering take on climate change and how it strikes at a deeply personal part of us: our health. You’ve heard so much wisdom from Gen Z leadership; find out what Ally has to say about the climate crisis that will affect generations to come.

#3. What It’s Like to be a Rising AAPI Leader
Speaking of Gen Z wisdom: Ally gives us a peek into her journey to the nation’s capital, and what that means for a first-generation Asian American like her. Read it, absorb it, and join us in the movement to lift up more AAPI voices like Ally’s!

#4. AAPI Voter Power
Hasan Minhaj unleashed the zeitgeist when he featured an episode of Patriot Act on the growing AAPI vote. But it doesn’t stop there: in this piece we talk Andrew Yang, Kamala Harris, and OG elected leaders like Rep. Grace Meng of New York.

#5. What’s a Caucus?
Caucuses–what are they? And why does everyone seem to be obsessed with them?? We go over the nitty-gritty of caucus logistics and what they mean for certain voters. The best part of this piece is the photos of Filipino aunties having a great time doing caucus practice in Tagalog!

#6. The Democratic National Convention: Who, What, Where & More
Check out our explainer on the Democratic National Convention, largest gathering of Democratic voters and key to unifying the voter base in 2020.

and finally, #7. Our 2019 Wrap-Up
We had a busy year: the Virginia elections brought a restored blue VA, and we supported the growth of AAPI political organizations across the country. Check out our year-end roundup and celebrate all we’ve done together!

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