ALERT: Harmful Proposed Rule That Hurts Immigrant Families is Posted to DHS Website

Stand With Us As #OneNation

Reposted from AAPI Progressive Action 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has posted a draft rule to its website. This rule could hurt Asian American and Pacific Islander families across the country. It is NOT a final rule and will be open to public comment very soon.

Check out this New York Times op-ed by AAPI Progressive Action’s Dr. Tung Nguyen and Asian Health Services chief executive Sherry Hirota on how this proposed rule threatens our communities and would essentially create a “wealth test” for immigrants to be in America.

The rule would make it very hard for an individual to reunite with a family member abroad or for someone to apply for a green card. Under this rule, if an immigrant used food stamps, housing, and/or Medicaid, it could make it harder for him or her to reunite with family members. Also, a person’s health, age, education, number of children, and ability to speak English can also be used to help the government decide if someone gets a green card.

The Trump White House continues to attack immigrant families — blocking them from being with the ones they love.

We want to help thousands of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders take action against this possible rule, as well as put leaders in office who will stand up for our communities and block this proposal.

WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW: We’re trying to understand this rule and are developing examples of ways that people can write comments when it is sent to the Federal Register. Once it is public, we will share a web page for you to use to make a comment against this rule.


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