Andrew Janz Travels Throughout California’s 22nd Congressional District Talking to Voters While Nunes Continues to Hide

With November 6th closing in on us, Andrew Janz (CA-22) started ramping up the campaign to reach as many voters as possible. Andrew has attended public events throughout California’s 22nd Congressional District and hosted weekly meet and greets; all while Nunes hides from his constituents, hosts private parties and evades public forums.


Below is a September overview of the Andrew Janz for Congress campaign:


  • Labor Day Pancake Breakfast – September 3

    • Janz joined workers and local leaders in serving pancakes at the annual Labor Day Pancake Breakfast.

  • SEIU Rise Up Labor Day Picnic – September 3

    • Andrew spoke at the annual Labor Day Picnic about the importance of protecting workers in the Central Valley.

  • Visalia Meet and Greet – September 5

    • Visalia Judge Broadman hosted a meet and greet with a group of mostly Republicans. Republican Judge Broadman came out in support of Andrew saying this will be the first time he is not voting for Nunes.

  • LGBT Meet and Greet – September 10

    • Local LGBT leaders hosted a meet and greet for Andrew Janz and his campaign for Congress. Topics included Democratic Party support and water.

  • Andrew Throws First Pitch @ Visalia Rawhide – September 11

    • Janz honored military members, past and present, and first responders by sponsoring a Visalia Rawhide baseball game.

  • Tulare County Fair – September 12

    • Andrew visited the booths and met with voters at the annual Tulare County Fair. His campaign helped facilitate a Democratic presence during the week.

  • Fresno Meet and Greet – September 13

    • Andrew met with voters in Fresno, topics such as education and health care were addressed.

  • Fresno Meet and Greet – September 14

    • Andrew met with voters in California’s 22nd Congressional District. He spoke to about 75 people regarding his campaign, specifically about jobs and water.

  • Janz Kicks off Visalia Canvass – September 15

    • Andrew met with a group of 50 Visalia canvassers to encourage them to knock on doors in California’s 22nd Congressional District.

  • Janz Hosts Farmersville Meet and Greet – September 15

    • Andrew talked to voters in Farmersville that are often forgotten about by both parties.

  • Second Annual Janz BBQ – September 15

    • 200 grassroots supporters came out and supported Janz in his second annual Janz BBQ. During this event, he called upon his dedicated base to volunteer for him.

  • Janz Knocks on Doors in Orange Cove – September 16

    • Andrew personally visited residents of Orange Cove who have been neglected by their Representative for the past 15 years.

  • Orange Cove Block Party – September 16

    • The Andrew Janz campaign hosted a block party with Orange Cove voters, bringing the grassroots campaign to the outskirts of the district.

  • Dinuba Democratic Club Kickoff – September 26

    • Andrew visited long forgotten voters in the small town of Dinuba. He plans to change that by asking for the support of the newly formed Dinuba Democratic Club.

  • Fresno State ASI Voter Reg & Education Event – September 27

    • Andrew visited students at Fresno State to talk with them about his campaign for Congress. The students were lining up to take selfies with Janz.


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