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AAA Fund’s mission is to ensure equal political, educational, social, and economic rights for all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. AAA Fund recognizes that supporting women’s empowerment is crucial to building stronger, more equitable communities.

AAA Fund supports all initiatives to end violence against women. AAPI women face exotification, objectification, and are victims of sexual harassment and assault. Over half of AAPI females experience unwanted sexual contact or worse. AAA Fund supports all initiatives to eliminate sexual harassment, assault, and harassment.

Within AAPI communities, reproductive justice and family planning can be fraught issues due to cultural taboos, lack of education, and shame. However, it is crucial that women have the autonomy to make their own health and family planning decisions. AAA Fund supports reproductive justice and equal access to healthcare for all AAPI women.

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Help Protect Funds for Reproductive Health Care

As Politico and Axios recently reported, the Trump-Pence administration is considering implementing a domestic gag rule which will disproportionately hurt women of color. Out of the 4 million family planning clients served by Title X, more than half are women of...

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