Chapters and Partners

Chapters and Partners

The AAAFund’s mission includes engaging and empowering local APIA communities in every part of the country. In order to reach these communities, we are establishing AAA-Fund chapters around the country. Through our chapters, we identify and support candidates for local, state and federal office, raise money for endorsees, and engage APIA and other persons in canvassing, phone-banking, and outreach via ethnic, social and mainstream media. Our chapters work closely with the AAAFund in Washington, DC, and play a crucial role in engaging the APIA community at the local level.

Currently, in addition to our national organization in the nation’s capital, we have chapters in Virginia, California, Illinois, and the tri-state (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky) area.

We also have an active DC Young Professionals Chapter providing opportunities to advance progressive causes and engage in this year’s Midterm Elections!


The AAAFund also collaborates with national organizations that share common goals with us, including the AAPI Victory Fund, APIA Vote, EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood, the National Education Association, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Through these mutually supportive relationships we bring APIA priorities to the table in discussions with these influential organizations, while advancing progressive causes that reflect our values.