Democrats’ Super Tuesday turnout smashes records and expectations

Yesterday, March 3, 2020, Democratic voters flooded the polls to voice their opinions on who should lead the party. A spot of good news amid the chaos, Super Tuesday primaries broke turnout records across the country.

Record numbers of voters voted in primaries in Virginia, Utah, Massachusetts, and Vermont, topping even 2008 turnout.

In Colorado, turnout was six times higher than that in 2016. In Minnesota, almost three times as many voters turned out as in 2016. Turnout in Texas and Tennessee beat 2016 numbers by 40%. Officials estimate turnout in California will reach mid-60s.

Over 1.3 million Democrats in North Carolina voted in their primary, exceeding 2016 numbers by almost 200,000, and Alabama, Arkansas, and Maine all surpassed projected turnout numbers.

While certainly still early, the enthusiasm for this year’s election is evident and overwhelming. Thanks to the hard work of millions of organizers, activists, and volunteers, citizens are making their voices heard now, and it’s a sign they will be doing the same in November. The message is clear: Democrats are more ready than ever to send this president packing.

Let’s get back to work!

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