Election Updates: Runoff and Recount Support Needed

Originally posted by the DNC, November 10, 2018. 

Hi all,

Please see additional ways to help below – including a new sign up form for legal volunteers needed ASAP in Florida: Lawyers needed in FL.

We have also launched a new ‘Recount and Runoff page’ which we will continue to keep updated with all asks:

  • Georgia: Stacey Abrams has a chance at winning this race — and becoming the country’s first Black woman governor — but not unless every last vote is tallied and every last voice is heard.
  • Florida: As election officials continue to count ballots in Broward and Palm Beach counties, we’re all preparing for a recount in both Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson’s races, and a few more down the ballot too.
  • Arizona: Kyrsten Sinema holds a narrow lead in the Arizona Senate race, as officials continue to tally mail-in ballots. Stay tuned for organizing opportunities, but in the meantime – you can donate to the state party or to the campaign directly.
  • And in Mississippi, the Senate race went to runoff. Mike Espy could become another Democratic senate pick-up for us this cycle! The runoff is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27.

Resumes to DNC Team Blue Talent Bank – We are asking for all staff transferring off campaigns to join our DNC Team Blue Talent Bank! We will help source resumes to campaigns that need help in the coming days and weeks and also have resumes ready for upcoming campaigns. All former campaigners or those who want to join campaigns in the future can enter our ‘DNC Team Blue Talent Bank‘ by filling out the Team Blue application with their resume. Direct any questions or specific recommendations to:

Thank you!

Team DNC

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