Endorsed Candidates

Endorsed Candidates


At the heart of the AAAFund’s mission is the endorsement and election of progressive candidates who have an outstanding track record of support for the APIA community. We often focus on races where the APIA community is large enough to influence the outcome of the election.

All of our endorsed candidates have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • Participate actively in Asian Pacific American organizations
  • Demonstrate electoral viability
  • Publicly endorse federal civil rights legislation, and similar state and local
    anti-discrimination laws or legislation
  • Advocate for policies that assist the Asian Pacific American community,
    including on issues relating to civil rights, immigration, glass ceilings,
    underrepresentation, racial profiling, and women’s reproductive freedom.
TJ Cox
California 21st congressional district
Andy Kim
New Jersey 3rd congressional district
Sri Preston Kulkarni
Texas 22nd congressional district
Gina Ortiz Jones
Texas 23rd congressional district
Helen Gym
Philadelphia City Councilmember
Katie Porter
California 45th congressional district
Kathy Tran

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