National AAAF and Tri-State AAAF endorse former Vice President Joe Biden

On the day of the Illinois, Arizona, and Florida primaries, the AAA Fund and Tri-State AAA Fund of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana endorse Joe Biden. Mr. Biden’s message of unity resonates with Americans across the country, and it is this message that will defeat Donald Trump in November.

We expect Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters to play a pivotal role in the ongoing primaries today, and in the 2020 general election. In 2016, the margin of victory for the presidential election in Arizona was 1.5%, compared to an AAPI electorate of 4.6% in the state. Similarly, the Ohio margin was 1.2%, compared to a state AAPI electorate of 2.8%. In these tight races, and more across the nation, Asian American voters played a decisive role and will reclaim that critical role in the 2020 elections. APIA Vote published their 2020 state fact sheets in February here.

With his long track record of standing with the AAPI community as an ally, the Vice President will be a reassuring, experienced guiding voice in these troubled times. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Biden published his own plan of action that included a strong pushback against the acts of xenophobia our community has faced, and a repeal of the Trump administration’s damaging public charge rule. He recently published his AAPI agenda, which includes a directive for his Justice Department to prioritize and prosecute hate crimes, preserve family reunification, and invest in entrepreneurs of color.

Here is the Vice President’s statement about the primaries today:

The health and safety of our staff, supporters, and the general public is our number one priority. We are happy to see that election officials are taking extra precautions – spacing lines, cleaning machines, passing out hand sanitizer – and working closely with public health officials to carry out our elections in a safe and secure way.

Voting is at the very heart of who we are as a society. There is no more important duty for us as Americans. We understand the fear and anxiety that so many Americans across the country are feeling.  

If you’re feeling healthy, not exhibiting symptoms, and don’t believe you’ve been exposed to coronavirus, please vote on Tuesday! If you’re a member of an at-risk population, exhibiting symptoms, or have been exposed to a diagnosed case of coronavirus, we encourage you to explore absentee ballots and vote by mail options. 

The American people are resilient and strong – we have maintained our democracy through war and peace, economic downturn and prosperity, and in previous moments of public health crisis. We are confident that we can meet that same challenge today and continue to uphold the core functions and values of our democracy.

Read our official press release here.

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