Bill Shihara

Bill is a results-oriented technology entrepreneur, corporate leader, and philanthropist with a 20-year focus on cybersecurity and blockchain.

He was previously a Security Engineering Manager at Amazon, and later served as the Manager of Security Threat Analysis and Security Engineering at Blackberry. At Blackberry, Bill drove the anti-malware and security automation strategy for the BlackBerry ecosystem to help protect customers from emerging and known threats. Prior to his position at BlackBerry, he spent 11 years at Microsoft working on the Windows Operating System and the Trustworthy Security team.

Bill co-founded Bittrex, Inc., a multi-billion dollar blockchain financial services platform and currently serves as CEO. In 2018, he founded Ohana Northwest, a family office that invests in U.S.-based technology start ups with 12 investments to date. He started the Shihara Family Foundation the same year, a nonprofit focused on workforce development for Americans facing opportunity inequality through grant-making.

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