Mai Khanh Tran

The Asian American Action Fund endorses Dr. Mai Khanh Tran for United States Congress. Dr. Tran is running in the June 5, 2018 Democratic primary for the 39th Congressional District. The seat is currently open as the incumbent Ed Royce (R) announced that he will not seek re-election. California’s 39th Congressional District is located in the southern portion of the state and includes part of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties.

Dr. Tran attended Harvard which she paid for by working as a janitor and through the support of a Pell Grant and scholarships. She attended the Dartmouth-Brown joint Medical School program, financed again with the help of scholarships, student loans, and federal grants. For 25 years, Dr. Mai Khanh Tran has been a pediatrician in Orange County, California.

We are especially proud to support Dr. Tran. As an immigrant who fled Vietnam in 1975 as a child, Dr. Tran understand the issues of the AAPI community, both rich and poor. As both a doctor and as a cancer patient she understands the need for the community to work together.

Please take a moment to watch the video to learn why our AAPI Clearinghouse partner RUNAPI has called Dr Tran a real life superhero.

To learn more about Dr. Tran visit Dr. Tran for Congress