Sri Preston Kulkarni

“We’re proud to announce our endorsement of Sri Kulkarni given his track record for uniting people and giving a voice to minorities through over a decade in the United States Foreign Service,” said Albert Shen, AAAFund Texas Chair. “As the 22nd Congressional District of Texas witnesses a shift in demographics and a growing presence of AAPIs, Sri’s efforts to push for justice for minorities is imperative. His desire to not just flip the district, but to put partisanship aside and work for a stronger, more diverse community gives AAPIs hope.”

AAAFund Digital Director Tiffany Hsieh said,“We’re excited to be endorsing Sri Kulkarni in his run for the 22nd Congressional District in Texas. As the district grows increasingly diverse with one of the most prominent AAPI populations in the state, Sri continues to demonstrate his ability to connect with our communities and we believe that he will bring about the necessary voice for a community that needs to be heard. With his track record of being an esteemed foreign diplomat and his resolve to bring about social justice, we cannot wait to see the good that Sri will do.”

Serving our country for over 14 years as a United States Foreing Service Officer by Secretary of State Colin Powell, Sri promoted women’s rights, free press, and religious tolerance in Iraq, Russia, Taiwan, and Jamaica. But upon the recent turmoil and tensions in the nation, Sri resigned from the Foreign Service to focus on addressing issues in his own local community. In 2018, Sri came within 14,000 votes of flipping the district, closing a 30 point gap for the first time. In his run, Sri hopes to restore reason, compassion, and decency to Congress.

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