Asian American Action Fund: Trump Hiding From His Own Failures by Scapegoating Others


Donald Trump is desperately trying to deflect blame for his failure to protect America from a global pandemic. Instead of taking responsibility for the fact that over 20,000 Americans are dead, 16 million Americans are newly out of work, and our economy is heading into a recession, Trump’s recent ad on Biden and China tries to distract America by pointing all the blame at others.  He scapegoats a venerated Asian American former Cabinet Secretary as a perpetual foreigner, while fueling the bigotry that has led to skyrocketing hate crimes against Asian Americans.  Instead of bringing Americans together at a time of shared mourning and sacrifice, Trump as usual is sowing the seeds of division and playing to the politics of fear.  We must be unified in rejecting Trump’s signature move – to blame anyone but himself.

America took a gigantic risk by hiring Donald Trump for a job he was clearly unqualified for. We all have paid a terrible and mortal cost. US healthcare providers, including the 18% of US doctors who are Asian American, have seen his failures up close and personal – lacking adequate PPE and wearing trash bags and bandanas while caring for those afflicted by COVID-19. Trump has systematically denied healthcare to Americans who can’t afford it – and even now, in the middle of a pandemic, he is trying to end Obamacare in the courts. 

America should not stand for a president who failed to heed repeated warnings to prepare our country for the coming pandemic, misleads the public on a daily basis, confuses cheerleading for leadership, and has proven incompetent to manage the government’s response.  Joe Biden, on the other hand, helped pass Obamacare, has demonstrated the experience to lead this country during a time of crisis, and proposed sensible solutions to the pandemic and Trump’s economic catastrophe.  Donald Trump spending his energy on scapegoating hurts everyone and does nothing to slow the death count.  

It’s mourning in America. Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

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