Why Maryland’s AAPI Community Should Elect Ben Jealous for Governor

My name is Alex Won and I am the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Outreach Coordinator and Field Organizer for the Ben Jealous campaign. One week into the campaign and I have met with the campaign team, community leaders, and volunteers. Meeting these group of individuals has made me realize how much I love working on a campaign and reminds me of how passionate people are about their neighborhood. The people I work with on the campaign range from young high schoolers to eighty year old volunteers. These people are kind and passionate, but they’re also concerned.

They are concerned about the current condition of the United States, especially in Maryland. They’re concerned about their education, the state’s economy, and their healthcare. Volunteers are canvassing in the rain, bringing in food for the team, and encouraging each other to fight for a more progressive Maryland. Some people assume that Maryland is a completely Democratic state but few realize that Larry Hogan, the current governor, is a Republican. Larry Hogan has been deemed a moderate but has not fought back against Conservative policies. Larry Hogan is in the governor’s mansion masquerading as a Democrat but working as a Republican.

This election is not only important because of our pursuit for a Democratic governor but also for the future of Maryland’s circuit court. Five Maryland judges have decided to step down, which gives Governor Hogan the opportunity to appoint conservative judges to a lifetime position. From women’s health to immigration, these conservative judges will influence Maryland’s politics way past Larry Hogan’s time as governor. The people of Maryland have recognized this issue and has chosen Ben Jealous as their next candidate to challenge Larry Hogan.

As the youngest president of the NAACP and as a venture capitalist, Ben Jealous has the ability to create a booming economy and push Maryland into leadership for progressive change. Ben Jealous has created comprehensive policy plans to improve the lives of all Marylanders. He wants to provide a better education for children by funding schools and improving teacher pay. He is trying to provide universal health care and cut down the cost of drugs for the sick and the elderly. Ben Jealous is trying to improve Maryland and people are recognizing that. Parents, teachers, and children are out in the field canvassing day and night to persuade the people of Maryland to elect Ben Jealous. Although there are times of frustration, volunteers still go out and say “Hi I’m a volunteer and I believe in the Ben Jealous campaign”. I work for Ben Jealous but I also work for the people that are trying to improve their state.

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